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Our Foodservice for Your Out of Home Business

Create enjoyment and happiness for your customers with our delicious plant-based specialties: 100% organic, natural and sustainable.

Our SOTO products are the ideal ingredient for professional kitchens. Whether for catering or restaurants, serve your clients with a colourful variety of veggie specialties that will leave them with a feeling of homemade goodness. We offer food for everyone – regardless their dietary preferences.

Please find below our large assortment of frozen and chilled products for your out of home business.

Large frozen and chilled assortment for the HoReCa sector

At a glance

  • 100% organic

  • vegan/vegetarian

  • only natural ingredients: vegetables, grains, pulses, seeds and spices

  • free from palm oil, additives, auxiliaries and conservatives

  • ready to eat

  • no cooking loss, can be kept warm, individual portions

  • suitable for combi steamer, pan, grill and deep fryer

  • quick and easy preparation, no specialised staff necessary

  • for more than 35 years produced with skill and passion in Bavaria

  • most importantly: SOTO specialties are delicious!

Our frozen assortment

Find a PDF document here

Our chilled assortment

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We offer following units
Small box (KLS) containing ca. 500g
Big box (HGS) containing ca. 2.500g

You are interested in our foodservice units? We are happy to assist you with our advice!
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Regional origin: Made in Bavaria