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Delicious organic treats made from consequently ecological production

For more than 30 years SOTO has produced 100% organic convenience products. Our number one priority is to guarantee vegan and vegetarian products of the highest standard. Therefore, we make sure to use completely natural ingredients, to assure strictest quality controls and to act in the most sustainable way. These principles are essential for the production of our product assortment such as falafels, trendy burgers and crispy spring rolls - all inspired by different international cuisines.

Honest organic convenience products for more than 30 years

It all started in 1988 when Maria and Oskar Schramm decided in cooperation with a good friend to produce their own homemade tofu. Their love for animals and the wish to support the local organic agriculture inspired the trio to come up with a small production in their own kitchen. The little tofu production was initially only meant for themselves. However, quickly friends and family asked for the homemade tofu as well and so they decided to start a bigger production - in their garage. The first tofu burgers came to life - 100% made from scratch with passion and love. Soon, the first spring rolls followed - each single piece rolled by hand.

In order to inspire even more people to go for a plant-based diet, the distribution of the products was expanded and the company name SOTO was introduced. Until today, the products are well known and sold under this brand although, the companys' name was later changed to organic veggie food GmbH.

With the rise of more and more people’s desire for a meatless and plant-based nutrition, SOTO got the chance to grow. Soon, a new and bigger production site had to be chosen. Since 2011 the tasty SOTO specialities are produced in the picturesque village of Bad Endorf surrounded by mountains, lakes and lush green meadows. The currently 120 employees take care of the production of the organic treats day by day with passion and commitment. Today, the SOTO products are also known outside of Germany and distributed to different European countries as one thing is for sure: highest quality and pure taste come without borders.

Organic convenience
for pure

To us, a healthy and well-balanced nutrition is really important. It goes without saying that our own products have to meet this requirement as well. For us, there is no need to use any kind of additives such as palm oil, conserving agents or artificial flavour enhancers. According to the motto: as real and as natural as possible. For this reason, SOTO products only contain real and "honest" ingredients that mother nature provides us with: vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, seeds and nuts. Add a dash of our homemade seasoning mixtures, salt originating from our beautiful Bavarian Alps and some sunflower oil - that's it.

The stars of our products are called carrots, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, beans and chickpeas, red lentils, tofu, pumpkin or sweet potato. We create real products with real flavours. New products are only launched once they meet the taste of the most critical team members. Our aim is to enhance the vegan and vegetarian world of products with our tasty and natural products - organic convenience for pure delight.

What makes SOTO special?

Highest organic quality & conscious food choices

Honest and natural convenience products made from 100% organic ingredients - for a wholesome and well-balanced diet.


Skills and Attention to Detail

The secret of our high-quality specialties? The combination of skills and passion!



For enjoyment with a clear conscience! Sustainable actions have been natural part of our processes since our beginnings.


Social commitment

For us, it is not enough to produce and sell delicious organic food products. This is why we support social projects that matter to us.


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