Highest organic quality & conscious food choices

A real added value in organic quality for our customers

You are in love with superfoods such as chia seeds, hemp and quinoa? Or do you prefer the good old classics such as potatoes, regional vegetables and local grains? No matter what, the SOTO assortment provides you with the variety you are looking for. Discover the whole range of different exciting flavours thanks to our unique spice mixtures and valuable natural ingredients.

Since our beginnings in 1988 we make sure to only use 100% organic ingredients for all our SOTO products. Wherever possible we prefer to cooperate with local farmers.

Our conscious choice: the absence of long ingredients lists and artificial additives.

A conscious diet can be that easy

To us, a healthy and well-balanced nutrition is really important. It goes without saying that our own products have to meet this requirement as well. For this reason, SOTO products only contain real and "honest" ingredients such as spelt, pulses, nuts or seeds. Our unique seasoning mixtures add "that little extra" to each product. There is no need to use additives such as palm oil, conserving agents or artificial flavour enhancers. Additionally, none of our products contains egg.

Our fresh SOTO specialties are ready to be eaten: You can easily heat them up in a pan without any additional grease, in the oven or in a microwave with grill function. Prepare a delicious and healthy meal in no time. And if you are on the go you can enjoy all of our treats plain and cold as a wholesome snack.

Certified consistent organic quality

All SOTO products are carrying the organic label. Strict controls on a regular basis prove that we fulfil all requirements of the EU-Eco-Regulation. Furthermore, we stick to the strict regulations of IFS and are certified with "higher level".

Our certificates

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