For enjoyment with a clear conscience

Sustainable actions have been natural part of our processes since our beginnings.

Following topics matter a great deal to us:

Our employees…

...benefit from us as a regional employer. We provide safe jobs and apprenticeships with exciting tasks within an internationally acting family-owned company.

...have the possibility to benefit from discounts in the regional gym as part of our internal health management. We make sure to provide our employees with ergonomically designed work spaces to help with physically demanding tasks.

Our ingredients…

...preferably come from as close as possible. We want to avoid unnecessary transport distances in order to save CO2 and to ensure a positive climate footprint.

Our organic emmer grain - and shortly also our organic oats -
comes from a regional ecological project cooperation

Since 2021 our emmer grain, an ancient grain that is one of the main ingredients of our popular Hemp Emmer Bites, comes from regional farmers. This is one important step in order to strengthen our local agriculture and to protect our environment. This initiative also gives us the chance to support the protection of an endangered bird species that finds an ideal home within the grain fields for their vulnerable nests. For us, this cooperation means grain “with a good conscience” from highest Bavarian quality. The pure taste of home.

...such as our vegetables and grains originate from seeds that are used several times. This way, we ensure the survival of ancient species and a greater diversity for the future.

Our production site...

...loves sunshine and water. It uses green electricity coming from its own photovoltaic cells and water power.

...loves to share because sharing is caring! The heat that is generated by our machines during production is used for producing warm water and heating. As the machines generate more energy than we can use ourselves, some of our neighbouring company buildings also receive their share.

...does not waste anything. Our frying oil is transformed into bio-fuel and our organic waste is used to generate heat and energy.

Our products…

...are packaged sustainably:

  • For the packaging of your chilled products we use plastic that is made from 57% recycled materials. Thanks to a new packaging machine we generate less packaging waste.

  • Our frozen fruits and snacks come in cardboard boxes made from FSC-certified paper. They can be fully recycled.

  • Our outer carton boxes are also made from FSC-certified paper coming from sustainable forestry. Currently, we are exchanging the material with even more organic cardboard in order to save resources.

...are produced under strictest hygienic conditions and are packed under modified protective atmosphere in order to avoid quality losses and food waste. Our products need to be packed in the most secure way possible to guarantee a safe consumption at least until the end of their shelf-life.

...get a second chance:

Products with a shelf life that is too short for retail are sold in our very own factory outlet integrated in our production site in Bad Endorf. This means, our customers have the chance to benefit in two ways: with their purchase they save flawless food from being wasted and at the same time they save real money as we offer our high-quality specialties for a small price.