Skills and Attention to Detail

With love and passion from the initial recipe idea to the final product

Their love for animals and the wish to support the local organic agriculture inspired Oskar and Maria Schramm in 1988 to produce their own tofu in their kitchen. The production was initially only meant for themselves. However, quickly friends and family asked for the homemade tofu as well and so they decided to start a bigger production - in their garage. The first tofu burgers came to life - 100% made from scratch with passion and love. Soon, the first spring rolls followed - each single piece rolled by hand.

Today, around 120 employees in different fields such as production, commissioning, quality management, production planning, sourcing, sales, marketing and accounting are committedly assuring a smooth running of the SOTO business. The crispy dough is daily freshly made. Rice and lentils are cooked over night for the next days' production and our own seasoning mixtures exude their delicious odours at all times.

The secret of our high-quality specialties?
The combination of skills and passion!

We are to 100% convinced by each one of our products. Before anything is released it has to be tasted several times and needs to convince also the most critical team members. Each product is the result of creative team work. It all starts with the idea for a recipe that is developed by our colleagues in the production department. Several tries and tastings later the search for a charming name and a nice-looking label starts. At the same time, we are busy with our creative processes. Proudly, we are always looking forward to the day the final products are available in organic stores. It makes us really happy to receive positive feedback from our partners as well as end-consumers. This shows us each time anew that all the hard work we put into a project is definitely worth it.

We surely go with trends and try new ways however, our actions and guidelines have remained the same since our beginnings: 100% organic ingredients, authenticity, regional cooperation's, sustainability and strictest quality controls. These basic values lead our daily pursuit of creating products of highest quality and purest taste.

Although, the production is taking place with modern technology today, each product is still filled with love and passion from the initial recipe idea until it is available in stores.