Green background

Social commitment: simply doing the right thing.

For us, it is not enough to produce and sell delicious organic food products.
This is why we support social projects that matter to us.

Our sponsorships: Give children a chance - Plan International e.V.

We are fortunate to live in a society full of wealth and wellbeing. We take education and more than enough food on our tables for granted. As this is not the case in all countries, we are more than happy of being able to give back in cooperation with the organisation Plan International Deutschland e.V. With their assistance we support the daily life of three children on different continents.

Plan International Deutschland e.V is an international organisation supporting children in third world countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They support the rights of children. Their aim is to create a world where children do not have to suffer from poverty and bad health. Children should be able to develop freely - in a society that protects their rights independent from race, religion and political matters.

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Support of different projects in Africa

With our donations to a neighbouring Demeter farmer, who coordinates the financial help of several projects in Africa, we were able to support following projects in Ghana and Senegal:

Moja kwa Moja – Project „Ohodenfo“
In cooperation with the "No More Tears" Foundation, an organisation directly located in Ghana, this project supports single women, especially single mothers, who cannot provide for themselves and are dependent on external assistance. Small loans help these women to start a career by financing education or necessary equipment such as sewing machines.


Each summer the youth organisation of Hessia (Germany) organises the "Eine-Erde-Camp" for young adults - one week full of different workshops addressing all kinds of topics related to nature and environment as well as different forms of societies and lifestyles. Creativity, exercise and relaxation are just as important and another central part of this 7-day summer camp. All of this includes nutritious vegan/vegetarian meals. For several years now already, we are happily providing this active and educational week with our SOTO products!

Circus Ubuntu:
Much more than a circus

UBUNTU is a temporary creative parallel world. Here, young people learn not only acrobatics and juggling, but also a lot of togetherness and social skills. In month-long training sessions, the volunteer circus artists learn what it means to put together a programme and bring it from the first ideas to tour readiness.

With everything that goes with it:
- intensive training and a sworn community- creative freedom combined with discipline and stamina- artistic, musical and technical skills- overcoming your own limits, discovering new possibilities and enjoying personal success!

UBUNTU offers a lot of experiences from which UBUNTU artists and the whole community benefit their whole life.

Landbund für Vogelschutz: Bavaria's nature needs your help

The Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V. (LBV) is a large environmental and nature conservation association that protects species, landscapes and biotopes as well as providing environmental education and public relations work.

We support the annual acquisition of biotope areas in order to push environmental protection.

Further selected regional projects

Wherever possible we are more than happy to support chosen local projects with either product or money donations. The "Chiemseer Tafel" for example receives products for their clients on a regular basis. It is important to us to help wherever we can. At the same time, we thank you for your comprehension that it is just not possible to answer to every request.