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New: Our Börek Rolls Spinach & Feta


New: Our Börek Rolls Spinach & Feta

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Because we are still in love with the unique levante kitchen, we are happy to present you with our newest creation: vegetarian Börek Rolls Spinach & Feta - inspired by the popular Turkish specialty.

Natural delight...

The delicious rolls impress with a tasty combination of thin crunchy dough and an oriental filling. Fine spinach leaves, real Feta cheese, nutty sesame seeds and a hint of roasted sesame oil promise authentic delightful moments.

...for all occasions

The crunchy rolls unfold their full flavour as hot meal. Combine them for example with fresh salad and a light yogurt lentil sauce. Too busy to cook? No problem! The Börek rolls can also be enjoyed cold as a quick snack.

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