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We are climate neutral!

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2022 starts for us with the fulfilment of a long-cherished wish:
Our company and our products are officially climate neutral!

As a producer of exclusively organic vegan and vegetarian products in the fresh and frozen segments, climate protection and environmentally friendly actions have already been very important for us since our beginnings. We have implemented many measures as natural part of our daily work, for example:

  • A climate friendly production by using green electricity generated by our own photovoltaic plants as well as hydroelectric power

  • Purchasing local ingredients wherever possible

  • Avoiding food waste through cooperation’s with food banks and through our own factory shop

But, as it is the case at every manufacture, the production of greenhouse gas emissions cannot completely be reduced or avoided. So, to make another significant contribution to environmental protection and sustainability, we have decided to compensate all these inevitably arising emissions by supporting different certified international climate protection projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner.

We follow the motto: Measure - Avoid & Reduce - Offset.

Our goal is to implement climate friendly structures – for the preservation of our beautiful and unique planet. We are continually working on the improvement of our processes. Among other things, we steadily focus on optimising our packaging materials, we reduce foils and plastics and use foils made from recycled plastic materials, we are expanding the purchase of regional raw materials and are changing all cars from our own car pool to electric cars. These actions as well as our cooperation with ClimatePartner are important climate positive steps to reach this goal.

Right now, we compensate an amount of 9.000.000 kg CO2. This corresponds to approximately 27.950.470 km driven by car or the yearly CO2-footprint of 790 German citizens.

With our CO2 compensation we support following climate protection projects:

Afforestation, Bukaleba, Uganda
The objective of the project is to help mitigate climate change while meeting the growing demand for quality wood products from well managed plantation forests that contribute to sustainable environmental management and poverty alleviation in Uganda. It supports the socio-economic development of local communities and infrastructure improvements.

Gas Recovery, Istanbul, Turkey
The purpose of this project is to collect the emitted landfill gas and produce electricity through gas engines coupled with generators. The electricity is fed into the national grid, substituting the baseline energy mix which is mainly based on fossil fuels. Excess landfill gas is combusted via a flaring system. Before the project started, waste was deposited and left for decay without any collection or destruction of the gas, which led to massive methane emissions. Landfill gas contains about 50 percent methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas.

Wind Energy, Georai, India
The purpose of the project is to generate power using renewable wind energy and to sell it to the state grid. The generated electricity is exported to the regional grid system which is under the purview of the NEWNE grid of India. With a total installed capacity of 80 MW, the project comprises 40 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) with a capacity of 2 MW each. The wind farm is located in the district of Beed, Georai taluk in the state of Maharashtra, India.

More information regarding each project as well as our CO2 compensation can be found on our official ClimatePartner ClimateID tracking page:

Climate protection concerns each and every one of us. Everybody can contribute to make a difference, so, we are really happy to have made this important step – for our planet and all coming generations!