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We bring some colour to your tables: New products 2023!

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We have given our creativity a free rein and are happy to present you with our new yummy vegan products.

Falafel Beetroot - made with chickpeas, creamy touch

We are expanding our popular Falafel range by our vegan Falafel Beetroot. A hint of horse radish gives the new Falafel their unique character. The soft-red mini chickpea bites are an amazing snack, hot or cold, and enrich each bowl, salad and soup in taste and look.

Find more information on the Falafel Beetroot here.

Oat Carrot Bites - with fine vegetables

“Cheeky oats meet sweet carrots.“ The colourful combination with mild Zucchini, red peppers and fruity tomatoes makes the Oat Carrot Bites a unique specialty. Hearty oats from our Bavarian region provide for extra crunch. The yummy vegetable specialty is an ideal quick snack and a wholesome side dish of a healthy meal.

Find more information on the Oat Carrot Bites here.

Vegetable Quinoa Sticks - crispy, mild seasoning

Colourful and so delicious: Our new vegan Vegetable Quinoa Sticks impress with a combination of fine (pseudo-)grains and colourful vegetable pieces: green peas, red peppers and yellow corn. With its crispy texture the mild sticks are a real treat for everyone, big and small – in combination with a salad, bowl or as a yummy healthy snack.

Find more information on the Vegetable Quinoa Sticks here.